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This would scare EVERYTHING out of me!

I love a good prank just as much as the next guy but, I really hate when a good prank is pulled on me… as I’m sure we all do.

Unfortunately for these folks in Brazil, who think they’re headed to whatever appointment it was they made for the day and are just getting onto just any old elevator. Boy, were they wrong!

Watch the video below and see what one of our favorite sights has to say:

Ghost Theory reports:

Talk about a prank! This is likely one of the most extreme gags of all time. This stunt was done for a Brazilian variety show, Programa Silvio Santos. The shtick involves unwitting elevator passengers who are riding along when the lights start to flicker. What happens next is something that these people will never forget and may have nightmares about for a long time. pparently the shenanigans are based on the horror film ‘The Ring’. The little girl is enough to send someone over the edge and many are up in arms as this over the top escapade may be just a little too over the top. Complaints are coming in as some were concerned that exposing the right person could trigger a heart attack. I don’t know about that, but the people exposed to the prank were certainly terrified out of their minds. I have to say, it is one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen as I could feel the fear enveloping the unsuspecting passengers.


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