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Kazuhiro Watanabe at Washington Square Park in New York

Some people will go to great lengths to have their own little piece of human history. This fashion designer from Japan felt that 3 feet and 8.6 inches was the length he needed to go to get his, and it worked!

The Huffington Post writes:

It took three cans of hairspray, one large bottle of gel — and, of course, 15 years to grow it out — but Kazuhiro Watanabe has made history. The Japanese designer has shattered the Guinness World Record by more than a foot with his 3-foot, 8.6-inch mohawk. You can ask why he did it, but the answer is just too obvious: “I really wanted to be in the Guinness World Record book,” he told The Huffington Post through a translator. Watanabe and a hairdresser were in New York’s Washington Square Park today to launch the Guinness World Records 2013edition. “I considered trying to set the record for drinking most tabasco sauce,” said the 5-foot-7 Watanabe, who usually wears clips to keep his hair down. Without gel, his hair reaches to his knees.
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