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A strawberry-blonde haired woolly mammoth, dubbed 'Yuka'.

A newly discovered woolly mammoth in Siberia is the first to be found by scientists to not only have strawberry-blonde hair but also, the first proof of ancient humans interacting with the behemoths, stealing them away from Lions for an easy dinner, after being mauled and seriously wounded a bit, of course.

April 4, 2012: A newly discovered frozen mammoth, which is thought to have been approximately two and a half years old when it died, appears to have been cut open at some point.

The Telegraph writes:

The juvenile mammoth, which was found in a frozen cliff in Siberia, gives an important insight into the unknown secrets of the animal including hair and eye colour.

An examination of its body, described by scientists as having “huge significance”, is even said to show human beings “stole” their food from hunting lions, with wounds consistent with attack from both predators.

In found to be true, it will be the first evidence of interaction between mammoths and ancient humans ever found in the area.

The well-preserved mammal, which has been named Yuka, is thought to have been between three and four years old when it died and still has its foot pads and ginger hair in tact.

It may have lain unnoticed in its icy tomb for more than 10,000 years, experts said, with its injuries being perfectly frozen in time.


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