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Teresa Widener, 45, eats rocks off the ground.

A woman from Bedford, Virginia who enjoys eating rocks, was recently featured on an episode of 20/20 delving into the world of medical mysteries.

Teresa Widener, who by all accounts is an average, healthy 45 year old woman, has a not-so-healthy habit.

Daily Mail writes:

A woman has told of how she eats rocks that have been picked up off the ground. For more than 20 years, Teresa Widener, a 45-year-old woman from Bedford, Virginia, has regularly sucked the dirt off rocks before crunching them between her teeth. The mother of two, who works with special needs children, suffers from pica which is a disorder that causes people to eat inedible objects.She told ABC that she has been able to break rocks in her mouth ‘pretty easily’ for more than 20 years. ‘I like that it has an earthy flavour’, she said. ‘If I know I have some at my house I feel better, just knowing they’re there…they’re there for me when I’m upset or whatever.‘Mmm-hmm, yeah. They crunch on my teeth.’ Sometimes, she neglects to wash the natural objects because she craves the dirt that is attached to them.


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