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The folks over at have pulled together a fantastic review of our past presidents and their relationship/ knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Ghost Theory writes:

E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, One is what it says on the Seal of the President of the United States of America. Traditionally the phrase is meant to express that out of the many colonies that formed the nascent new country a single nation was born. In a more modern context it could be interpreted equally to mean that out of many cultures and beliefs the people who form a nation are derived. In the context of this article it could also be said that out of many in power there is one we presume to have answers. Even out of many who have held the office, the one currently in office should be in possession of the answers so many of us would like to hear. The question is; What do we really know about UFOs? There have been a number of US Presidents who have addressed the UFO issue and it makes you wonder. Twelve Presidents have held office in what we will call the UFO Age, that period of time during which UFOs have been both figuratively and literally on the radar of the population of the Earth. During that time the United States has evolved from a partner to other nations in attaining peace from threats, to a parent scolding others for threatening actions and seemingly falling back again to a partner who must work with others in place of imposing rules upon them. Still the question of whether or not there is a larger threat, or greater parent hangs over our heads. Yet whenever a question faces the world at large there are few if any who do not turn to the United States for their knowledge, their influence, their protection, or for someone to blame soIF there are UFO secrets to be had, and there almost certainly are whether they be to prove or disprove, it seems likely those secrets reside within the borders of the United States at the very least. Which brings us back to asking “What does the President know?” It is a facet of short term thinking to believe that the office of President gives some sort of ultimate power when it comes to running the government, when in truth it is a temporary posting lasting just four to eight years, at least during the time frame of the UFO Age, while those who keep the wheels turning, or I guess put on the brakes in some regards, have longer careers that are not dependant upon current office holders. If there is a secret to be kept, a secret that has implications far beyond the immediate state of affairs of any nation who do you tell? If you are one of the secret keepers a person who has a short term agenda would not be on that list. So far several Presidents have announced an intent to learn the truth of the UFO phenomenon, but none have done carried out that intent, at least so far as to inform the public. Let’s start at the beginning. Two events mark the start of the UFO Age; those being the Kenneth Arnold sighting at Mt Ranier on June 24th 1947, and the Roswell crash(s) of July 1947. Harry Truman as Vice_President to Franklin Roosevelt assumed office in April of 1945, following the death of Roosevelt, and so became the first US President to be faced with the real potential of contact with beings from another world here on Earth…


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