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What is that in the sky?

This goes quickly, but watch this…

What you are watching is known as “Case 68838 – Oak Park, IL” by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). MUFON tracks and investigates sitings of UFOs and they have some pretty interesting cases in their logs.

This is the report submitted with the video:

I was shooting video of a storm cloud emitting heat lightning from our back porch. When I viewed the video I saw a streak of light that I cannot explain or rationalize. I slowed the speed and showed it to friends. It was recommended that I forward his to your organization. I am including the original video from my phone. (which is upside down) The orb appears 11 seconds in. I also included video that I inverted and cropped.

Anyone can submit a report of a UFO siting using their online tool. They receive thousands of reports which are handled by local volunteers.

One explanation offered is that this is the elusive “ball lightning” phenomenon, where electricity forms as a mass rather than a streak we we normally see it.

Great Balls of Lightning

A photo of the ball lightning phenomenon by Joe Thomissen (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Does that look right to you or is it merely a convenient explanation? There was no evidence of a crash or any damage to the ground from a lightning strike. The matter is being investigated.

Do you have any interesting UFO pictures or video? Share them with us! In the mean time, keep watching the skies.

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