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What happened over Rendelsham Forest?

In a recent article we referenced statements by former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, about his belief that we were being visited by beings from other planets and that the US government was covering it up. Now we find footage featuring another witness that we would expect to be credible describing a detailed UFO experience with a similar claim.

US Army deputy commander Colonel Charles Halt recounts his experience, December 1980, when he witnessed UFO activity over Rendelsham Forest in Suffolk, England.

Often, a criticism of such accounts is that The witnessed are untrained observers or not credible. In both of these cases we have people who should have good authority on these matters. Surely their experiences should create curiosity. Stories like these remain on the fringe, however. Fortunately, we at the Museum of the Weird continue to look in the shadowy areas of the news and bring this to you.

Do you think Earth is visited by creatures from other worlds? Do you think they are here to help us or harm us? We’ll continue to share the best evidence we can find.

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