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WEIRD NEWS: Girl Set Ablaze in Bizarre Voodoo Ritual

Not so weird as it is horrifying, a young 6 year old girl came out today to tell her story of how she was set on fire by her mother in a bizarre act of voodoo exorcism. Reported by WABC News, the incident occurred on February 4th in the basement of Marie Lauradin’s Queens, NY household. Lauradin, the mother of the girl, was apparently intent on driving out an evil spirit she believed had taken possession of her daughter. According to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown, “it’s alleged that an accelerant was poured over the child, and that the child was forced into a ring of fire, and…was burned over 25% of her body.” Thankfully, the child is now living with a foster family and is recuperating after spending 55 days in the hospital. Both the mother and grandmother of the girl were arrested.

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