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WEIRD NEWS: Boy Hit By Meteorite… and Lives!

14-year-old Gerrit Blank of Essen, Germany was struck by a pebble-sized meteorite on Friday, and lived to tell about it. According to The Telegraph, Gerrit saw a ball of light in the sky shooting straight towards him, and in an instant was stuck in the hand by the red hot meteorite, sending the boy flying and creating a foot wide crater in the road. According to the teen, at the moment of impact “there was an enormous bang like a crash of thunder” that was so loud it left his ears ringing for hours. Subsequent tests on the rock have proven that it did indeed originate from outer space. The incident marks the first time on record that a human suffered a direct hit by a meteorite, the odds of which are more than one-in-a-million. Sources: Yahoo News, The Telegraph (UK

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