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Wednesdays are also weird at the Alamo Ritz!

The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz is right down the street from the Museum of the Weird and just to show how much we love ’em, if you and a friend are heading down to check out their “Weird Wednesday” screenings at 10 pm (ish), you can get your friend into the Museum of the Weird for free! How, you ask? Show up early to pick up your ticket (at least an hour) and bring it into the museum. Show it to the staff, buy an admission for yourself, and your friend gets in with you for free!

Watching your friends get literally mowed down by “The Lawnmower Killer” is certain to leave a few scars. Just ask Mary Graves (Julia Duffy) who in her senior year of high school is still dealing with some post traumatic stress from the incident. She has some intimacy issues with her boyfriend, Norman Bates, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doctor Graves (George Kennedy and Stella Stevens) , just don’t seem to understand her. To make things worse, it seems like The Lawnmower Killer may be at it again! Detective Dick Harbinger (Joe Don Baker) is on the case. WACKO is a horror movie parody that is gleefully stupid and full of references to classic horror and the golden era of the slasher. Filling out the all-star cast of late-70s/early-80s character actors are Charles Napier, Elizabeth Daily, Andrew “Dice” Clay, and Austin’s own Sonny Carl Davis (as “The Weirdo!”). Director Greydon Clark (of Weird Wednesday favorite, JOYSTICKS fame) dedicates every minute of screentime to groan inducing, side splitting, head scratching inanity. Trick or treat. (Laird)

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