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Wow, I swear I could have seen this episode where Kirk, Spock and McCoy have to travel back in time to avert a royal wedding disaster, making sure the perfect wedding dress arrives just in the nick of time to prevent Kate Middleton from having a bridezilla meltdown in front of millions, and thus changing the entire course of human history…

LONDON: Looks like Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton will have some unexpected guests at their wedding. A tourist has reportedly filmed a UFO hovering over Westminster Abbey, the venue for Friday’s royal wedding. The two-and-a half-minute video footage shows a shimmering white object in a cloudless blue sky near Big Ben. It seems to move and shift shape, but to have three sections, like the starship USS Enterprise from TV’s Star Trek. “First we thought it was a parachute but it was way too high up,” the Sun quoted the tourist as posting it on the Internet. “It changed shape but stayed there for at least 30 minutes. Then I lost sight of it,” the tourist added.

Then again, maybe Kirk and the boys were just crashing the royal wedding, 23rd Century-style.  All joking aside, apparently it’s not unusual for UFOs to show up at big events like the royal wedding, in fact it was predicted by a former Air Force officer just days before the event:

The upcoming royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is expected to be viewed by more than a billion people worldwide — and possibly a few extraterrestrials, according to at least one former military officer. George Filer, a retired Air Force major, runs the National UFO Center and says it’s common to see UFOs around important events. “The craft seem to have an interest in anything important,” Filer told AOL News. “They’ve been sighted recently over Libya and near the Japanese tsunami.” Filer says his center averages more than 1,000 sightings a month, and he expects to get a few UFO reports from the area surrounding Westminster Abbey, the site of the April 29 wedding. There are two reasons behind Filer’s prediction: In the last few weeks, he’s been getting reports from British Royal Air Force pilots who reported seeing UFOs over the English Channel, and, more importantly, he says the royal family is very interested in the UFO phenomenon. Filer knows this personally because he once had a conversation about UFOs with William’s grandfather, Prince Philip. “It was around 1961 or ’62, when I was a navigator in a tanker,” Filer said. “He met with a group of us after a dinner because he wanted to talk about UFOs. He told us that the RAF had stopped sending fighters after UFOs because some of them didn’t come back. “They decided to send tankers, which were nearly as fast as the fighters but could hold 15 hours of fuel, compared to two for the fighters.” Filer says the prince also revealed that his interest in UFOs was more than just concerns of national security — it was personal. “I asked him why he was so interested in UFOs and he explained that his uncle, the Earl Mountbatten, had seen them up close,” Filer said. Even though the meeting took place during the Cold War, Filer discounts the underlying possibility that the UFOs seen during the period were actually Soviet craft. “That was always a possibility, but it seemed unlikely since these craft were bigger than expected — it’s like an aircraft carrier in space,” he said. “However, the Soviets did try to penetrate the airspace of the United Kingdom and the United States quite regularly.” Filer’s account of Prince Philip’s UFO interest gets support from Colin Andrews, a renowned investigator of crop circles in Britain during the 1980s. Crop circles — a term coined by Andrews — are mysterious patterns, created by the flattening of crops, that many people believe have been created by extraterrestrials. “The queen even put a book of mine about the subject, called ‘Circular Evidence,’ on her official summer reading list, the first paranormal book ever included,” Andrews told AOL News. “Prince Philip and the queen are particularly interested in the subject. And their interest seems to be based on personal experiences.” Andrews says the queen even sent him a letter confirming that very fact, despite official denials from the British government and the royal family. “I have numerous documents attesting to that, even though Nick Pope, the head of the UFO project of the Ministry of Defense, publicly stated the queen and the government had no official interest in UFOs,” Andrews said. “I believe he was under instruction to make that statement and he later confirmed that during a live interview with the BBC.” Andrews posted the queen’s letter on his website but was asked to remove it because it was a “personal” correspondence not meant for public consumption. “The royal family has not just an interest in UFOs and crop circles, but a great interest,” Andrews added. “And that includes Prince Charles and the late Princess Di. “As for Prince William, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t interested as well.”

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