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A White Rhino calf with it's mother. Javan Rhino's are very similar in apperance but have smaller, more rounded horns.

Sadly, these beautiful creatures are never again to be seen in the country of Vietnam.

The Javan Rhino has been hunted to extinction by illegal poaching.

You hear about species being added to the Endangered Species list all the time, but when a particular animal is crossed off that list and it’s NOT because they’ve grown in number and are now safe, it’s a sad day for all of mankind.

The BBC News writes:

critically endangered species of rhino is now extinct in Vietnam, according to a report by conservation groups. The WWF and the International Rhino Foundation said the country’s last Javan rhino was probably killed by poachers, as its horn had been cut off. Experts said the news was not a surprise, as only one sighting had been recorded in Vietnam since 2008. Fewer than 50 individuals are now estimated to remain in the wild. “It is painful that despite significant investment in Vietnamese rhino conservation, efforts failed to save this unique animal, ” said WWF’s Vietnam director Tran Thi Minh Hien. “Vietnam has lost part of its natural heritage.”

One of the few pictures of a Javan Rhino caught on a trap cam.

These animals are amazing, intelligent, and this should never be allowed to happen to anything else, ever again.

This is just so sad.  I know that the only reason we’re hearing about this particular animal is because the rhino is one of the larger mammals on Earth, and I know there are tons more creatures that disappear from that list every year that we never hear of…

….and that’s NOT ok.


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