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A screen shot from the newly uploaded video about the Provo Canyon Bigfoot.

More information and even a video has come out regarding the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video that we posted about just a few days ago. The guys over at Bigfoot Evidence interviewed the couple, and you can watch the 40 minute interview here:

One of our favorite websites to regularly check Ghost Theory writes this about it:

Bigfoot Evidence has posted an interview with the Utah couple who had the Bigfoot encounter in Provo Canyon which video appeared Here on Ghost Theory. This video contains the full story from the couple who wish to remain anonymous along with enhanced video and artists renderings of the creature based upon the video. Thank you to Shawn from Bigfoot Evidence for permission to bring you this report. Of course any time you enhance video or provide an artists rendering, or edit for any reason you alter the perception and in some way, no matter how small, alter the verifiable facts of the case so such alterations are always to be taken with a grain of salt. However taken with additional information of the couple’s testimony, which itself is not entirely conclusive or corroborative in this case, it still lends another layer to this story.

Read more at and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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