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Video Surfaces Claiming Michael Jackson Is Alive

You just knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. His body hasn’t even been buried yet, and already he’s risen from the grave.

Someone had anonymously posted a video yesterday on LiveLink which has since taken the internet by storm. It purports to show what appears to be Michael Jackson jumping out of the same coroner’s van his dead body was supposedly taken away in. 

The video poster shows “proof” of this by claiming the video shows the same license plate number on the van that his body was placed into (see above photo).

I think it’s a little too convenient how the camera zooms in to the license plate at the very end of the clip. Also, YouTube user “TrisL93” was quick to point out that while the license plates may seem to be identical, the number “6” is in a different font. Good catch!

But what do you think? Hoax? Or has MJ “pulled an Elvis?”




Monday, August 19, 2019

Well, that was fast. Today someone who goes by the YouTube username “rundmail” tipped me off to who the perpetrators of this hoax allegedly are… and it’s the MEDIA!

The German TV Channel RTL, to be exact.

The exposé broke today on a German website, Here is a full link to that story (in German):

Following is a (very) loose translation of the webpage:


Incorrect RTL video about Michael Jackson 

26.08.2009 19:05 Clock  

The RTL Show “Explosive” wanted to test the readiness of conspiracy theorists in relation to the death of pop king Michael Jackson and this has apparently made a self-produced short film on the web. With bombastic success:  

The film captured the [attention of] the world media in 28 hours. In the video… were reconstructed scenes in which a man rises from the car of a legal health-care professional. 'Explosive' now showing on Thursday, 18.00 clock, like the video then spread like wildfire on the World Wide Web.  

The video was on 25 August made according to the Internet - from an “anonymous” source. Less than 24 hours later, the movies have already been called up more than 140,000 times.


Again, sorry about the translation. 

Here’s another website:

And another poor translation:


RTL disappoints fans with a false-Jackson video 


27.08.2009 - 12:10 CLOCK

The video went around the whole world, in numerous blogs and news sites such as the prestigious Daily Telegraph has reported.

It allegedly shows a parking garage in Los Angeles. It is believed to see the hearse, which Michael Jackson's body on 25 June, in forensic medicine brings. He emerges from an unknown person. An assistant opened the back door of the vehicle, a slight figure pops out. Immediately, she disappeared with his companion through a door. 

Now comes out: The video is a fake - filmed by RTL. The sender wanted to test the conspiracy theorists. 

Everything fit together. 

Even the identity of the alleged hearse in the video matches the vehicle before U.S. cameras from various TV stations has been traced to the building of forensic medicine: “1276020.” 

The video was on 25 August posted on the Internet - from an anonymous source. Less than 24 hours later, the movies have already been called up more than 140,000 times. 

In its report forum, people from all over the world to speak. Most do not take seriously the clip. “I bet Elvis is there,” mocks “ass128” in reference to Elvis Presley, whose death in 1977 also caused a conspiracy theory. 

Similar ideas were also flit about the King of Pop through the Internet. Among other things, it is presumed that wanted to avoid the heavily indebted Star's financial problems through a staged death. 

One question remains: Why should a hearse to deliver a living person in the right medicine? 


Not sure what they mean by that last question, but it sure must be a slow news week in Germany if their own TV stations have to resort to such desperate tactics to create a hoax and then “expose” it to “test the conspiracy theorists.”

Not only that, but to disappoint all the Michael Jackson fans to which they gave false hope I think is truly despicable.  

Particularly when it comes from so-called “respected journalism.” 

How do you feel?

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