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What was this flying high over the skies of Denver?

Footage recently released to the Denver local news has gone viral and is causing quite a stir in, not only the UFO community but, the world at large.

Watch the footage over at and tell us what you think. One of our favorites sites, weighs in:

Well GTers, it looks as though this is the day of the UFO. As much as I wanted to bring you something interesting from other sources, UFO’s seem to be the hot topic of discussion. Especially with the following story out of Denver. This is a video I’ve seen yesterday, but I allowed it to simmer for 24 hours to see where it would go and it seems the word is “viral”. If you want to read some way out theories on this incident, take a jaunt to Facebook where I’m sure you’ll be entertained. This footage has made the rounds from Facebook to Twitter and was discussed on Coast To Coast last night. Many are calling it nothing more than insects close to the camera, but others including “Steve Cowell” in the above quoted story aren’t convinced. In fact Cowell says point blank: “the objects are not insects.” Tell me, how is it that an he could be so certain? Sure, he may be an aviation expert, but he’s not in any video production related business. Yet he seems to know everything that these objects are not. Could it be that Steve is merely saying what he thinks people want to hear? Nothing against him personally, but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t question these things. I have to admit, my first, second and third inclination was insects. I’m having a hard time seeing it as anything else. Could I be mistaken? Of course. The only thing I can do is offer it up for debate. Thanks to Denver’s FOX 31 and Facebook for this content.


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