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Artwork by Paul Smith from Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America?

Our buddies over at Cyrptomundo have got quite a find on their hands here! They have found a very interesting and unpromoted (meaning the person who posted it isn’t looking for attention) video posted on YouTube!

Check out this lucky find for yourself and let us know what you think!

Cryptomundo writes:

The image may be clicked to enlarge it. Does the Pine Ridge Bigfoot look like this one drawn by Paul Smith for the cover of my book Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America? Reports from the Oglala Sioux Nation (Pine Ridge Reservation), South Dakota, regarding what is described as Big Man or Bigfoot have been discussed here at Cryptomundo from the beginning of this site. These have includied Pine Ridge sightings from July 28, 2006, an update for more encounters on July 29-30, 2006more from August 2006 of a Bigfoot being shootanother August 2006 sighting, reports on the 2006 police audio (here and here), the police chief confirming the 2006 sightingsmore on the 2006 “stovepipe hat” Bigfoot accounts, and a September 2006 update. Click here and here for more Oglala Sioux updates through 2009. Yesterday, I discovered this video on YouTube that seems to have been overlooked from a few months ago. It has many features about it that look credible. Take a look. Two 10 am Updates: The running speed of this alleged Bigfoot compares favorably with the running alleged Bigfoot in the Memorial Day footage. Interview items placed at YouTube. This video has flown under the radar of Sasquatch investigators, and I note the filmmaker & poster have not promoted it at all. The increase in viewer numbers is only due to its posting here at Cryptomundo at midnight on Tuesday October 9, 2012. #1 CommentMaker1: Why would you not walk out from behind that screen and get a better look? VideoPoster: idk [I don’t know] It was my grandmaa taking the footage. I actually followed it a little more and saw it cross the street… #2 CommentMaker2: Not sure what to think, can hardly see it. VideoPoster: Idk… It ran from the corner and my grandma saw it :/ I didnt know what to think.. It ran across the street and into the woods. It was like …8 or 7 ft… reall tall :/


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