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UPDATE: The Creature From The Tuna Can Is More Horrifying Than You Could Ever Imagine!

Remember a few days ago when we learned about the scary creature that turned us all into vegetarians (or at least tuna brand snobs)? Well, scientist have looked into it, and it turns out this creature is far more terrifying than any of us could have come up with.

Stuart Hine, a veteran from the Natural History Museum in London said that this thing was a Cymotha Exigua, otherwise known as the “tongue-eating louse”.

I’m sure you can deduct how it got its nickname, but let me further explain so you can rest assured you won’t sleep tonight. This parasite enters the fish through its gills, then lives inside of it, attaches itself to the tongue, then slowly eats away at the tongue until it becomes the whole tongue, Xenomorph style.

The UK tuna company is looking into quality control to keep all Xenomorph monsters out of their tuna can, and apologize for scaring half the world to death.

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