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Hundreds of UFOs have been seen along the border of India & China recently.

Looks like there’s quite a bit of aerial activity coming from the other side of the world right now.

The border of India and China has had reports of over 100 UFO sightings this year and lights that are visible for hours. The Indian military has attempted to use radar to identify them and even sent in drones to make contact, all to no avail.

The Columbus Dispatch writes:

NEW DELHI — Adding to the litany of issues besetting neighboring nuclear rivals China and India is a new one: UFOs. “Over 100 UFOs seen along China border,” said a headline in Tuesday’sTimes of India. Indian troops guarding the often-tense 2,100-mile border between the two Asian giants say the objects seen in recent months are yellow spheres that appear to lift off from the Chinese side, slowly traversing the sky for three to five hours before disappearing. Indian military officials have reportedly ruled out Chinese drones or low-orbit satellites. The acronym-happy Times of India says the UFO sightings have stumped the DRDO, NTRO, ITBP and other Indian military organizations. Some Indian news organizations have dubbed the objects ULOs, or unidentified luminous objects, given the glow they reportedly give off. In September, the Indian army reportedly deployed a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyzer to assess what was dancing around up there. As the troops watched the light show, however, the machines picked up zilch, according to India Today magazine, suggesting that the UFOs were non-metallic. The army reportedly aimed one of its drones in a UFO’s direction, but the object disappeared. Astronomers were also called in. According to local media, they saw some of the same unexplained objects but gave up after three days, concluding that they were “non-celestial.” Indian border troops report nearly 100 sightings over the past three months.
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