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Does this photo show a weather balloon, parachute, or an authentic UFO from another world?

While trying to catch a photo of the natural wildlife of the Greek Islands, tourists caught a little something extra on film that wasn’t seen until they looked back through the photos at home. Not ones to jump to conclusions, they tried to figure out just what on Earth it could be but, it seems it may not be from this planet at all.

Ghost Theory writes:

I’ve seen a lot of UFO pictures in my time, but occasionally one comes along that for the life of me, I just can’t logically explain. Now I have to depend on our UFO ID expert Henry and I’m not so sure even Henry can come up with a feasible explanation on this one. A German couple out photo-journaling the day last month got a big shock while going through shots they had taken along Balos Beach, Gramvousa in Crete. There are obviously goats in the foreground, however, up in the sky, we can see an oddly shaped metallic object. My first inclination was a bird as it does have some shape aspects that tend to lean that way, but the reflection of the sun off the metal-like surface tells me something different. What that something may be, is where I get stuck.

Watch the video and

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