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Cleveland, Ohio

Another triangle-type ufo has been spotted over a shopping center parking lot in december and was captured on good ol’ shaky handcam film as we’re so used to seeing in the world of weird news.

Meets The Weird writes:

According to the video’s description, a couple noticed this triangular UFO/light formation while leaving a shopping center somewhere in Ohio on November 27th. The report goes on to say that the object held its position for at least an hour before disappearing. Even without any more background information, this video is still interesting. First, we have what appears to be the original audio track and it does not seem to contain any aircraft-type noises. Also, there is plenty of “framing” footage that gives us a good frame of reference and clearly shows that the object is in the sky. Additionally, there is none of the telltale flicker of a Chinese lantern visible. At the end of the clip, we are presented with a zoomed in view of the craft. Here, we can just make out some sort of strobe like flashes present in the lights, which might indicate a terrestrial aircraft, however the light configuration/color scheme doesn’t seem to indicate an aircraft following FAA regulations. This combined with the audio evidence would lead me to believe that this at least not a “normal” aircraft. What then could it be, a UFO, a TR-3b type secret aircraft, or something else? What do you think?


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