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UFO sightings are not uncommon in southern California nearing the Mexican border, but this one UFO in-particular, was sighted many times in the small town of Mexicali just recently and was subsequently chased around town by local law-enforcement trying to figure out just what was flying around their town.

There’s said to be video of the UFO caught on security cameras from around town but none has been released yet but, we will have it up as soon as it shows.

Inexplicita writes:

“A UFO with white lights, blue and yellow flashes” — The first report was received from the airport area, and [the object] was even seen by C-4 operators manning the safety cameras that appear to have recorded it. The sighting prompted the mobilization of police officials. Martin Ruelas, supervisor of the western sector, was able to see it with his own eyes, but it was too fast and it was impossible to follow. An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) prompted an intense mobilization by elements of the Public Safety Forces of the City of Mexicali, arising from citizen reports about the presence of a strange device in the air.
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