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A lightning fast fly-by from a UFO at an airshow in Chile.

It seems an extra fast ufo got a little curious as to what all the ruckus was about over in Chile and decided to have a little look-see.

Little did it know it would be captured on seven different cameras filming the event from seven different angles while it traveled through the air at over 4,000 mph.

Daily Mail writes:

Video from Chile is stirring up the UFO debate after an unusual object took a fly-by during an air-show.The footage, from 2010, appears to show a ‘spot’ moving quickly from frame to frame, causing the engineer who spotted the aberration enough alarm that he alerted the Chilean Government.The UFO made an appearance during an acrobatic air-show at the El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago, and apparently went un-noticed at the time.Whether this is because this was due to advanced alien cloaking technology, or because the object is just an artifact on the film depends on your viewpoint.Investigative journalist and UFO author Leslie Kean told MSN’s Cosmic Log: ‘This is a very, very unusual case, and I’m hoping that this case will help move forward the recognition that there really is something here that’s worthy of further study. ‘It has the possibility of being a breakthrough case.’ However ‘debunker’ Robert Sheaffer told the website: “They are “unexplained cases” only if you ignore the explanation. ‘That’s what’s going to happen in this case.’ Kean said that CEFAA, the government agency which investigates strange air phenomena, found the object on seven separate pieces of video tape, which implies the object – whatever it is – is not an abberation on the video tape.Ricardo Bermudez, CEFAA’s director, told a UFO conference last month that the spots were caused by an object traveling at speeds in excess of 4,000 mph.Kean picked out a few elements that make this sighting a little special, in particular that  the Government investigated the footage so thoroughly, and found examples of the object on seven pieces of film.


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