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One frame of the live broadcast from a recent NFL game.

Who would’ve thought that aliens are football fans?

Apparently, they are, and it seems they have gotten themselves the best seats in the house, ones that fly around incredibly fast and can travel through space and time!

How much would a season pass for one of those go for? Anybody?

Here's proof that it couldn't possibly be a bug, like some critics say. You can see clearly it is in the distance and travels BEHIND the cathedral tower hundreds of meters away!

AOL writes:

For many football fans who watched the New Orleans Saints rout the Indianapolis Colts on Oct. 23, the most unusual thing about the game was the lopsided final score of 62-7. But for UFO aficionados and paranormal experts who tuned in, they may have seen something in the sky that was even more out-of-the-ordinary than the tossing of more touchdowns vs. incompletions. As NBC’s cameras returned from a commercial break and focused on the historic, triple-steepled St. Louis Cathedral in the city nicknamed the Big Easy, a couple of lit objects seemed to streak across the darkening sky — and they’ve yet to be definitively identified. Viewed in real-time, it’s hard to see much more than something flashing across the screen. But a frame-by-frame scrutiny of the video reveals a rod-shaped object topped with brightly lit dots.


Here’s the video and frame-by-frame of the live broadcast.

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