What do you get the two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon who has everything? Well, everything it needs, anyway. For Todd Ray, who actually owns such a creature — a reptile he calls “Pancho and Lefty” — the answer was found in a lookalike pinata. Yep, you read that correctly: A giant pinata that looks like his beloved pet two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon. Pancho and Lefty turned 1 back in May, but Ray, who runs the Venice Beach Freakshow in Los Angeles, is celebrating the big day on June 11 with a big shindig fit for, well, a two-headed, six-legged bearded dragon. “These are literally the rarest animals in the world,” Ray told AOL Weird News, and he should know. He has the largest collection of two-headed animals around, more than 100 specimens including 22 living creatures. Ray has been collecting double-domed animals for the past 10 years and exhibiting them publicly for six. He considers it a calling.

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