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Tonight on THE SHADOW HOUR: Open Lines

The Shadow Hour

10:00 PM CST, TONIGHT:  Have you ever had a psychic event? Been a witness to a UFO encounter, or maybe even been abducted? Ever seen a strange creature you couldn’t explain? Do you have a ghost story you’d like to share?

Tonight, join host Chris Walden of the weekly live radio program “The Shadow Hour” for a special open-line call-in show. Chris will review this week’s “Shadow News” while callers share their stories. That call in number is (347) 826-9662 or call toll-free at (877) 867-0829.

Now you can listen right here with our blogtalkradio widget!  You can listen to past broadcasts at any time, or tune in tonight (Wednesday, June 8th) at 10pm Central for the live broadcast.  See you in the shadows…

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