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All this week, the Museum of the Weird is celebrating our undead friends… ZOMBIES!… as we get set to launch our new eagerly-anticipated live horror host show, the Weird Theatre Midnight Spookshow, premiering TODAY (Friday, October 7th) at the Museum of the Weird (live on stage)!  Tickets are only $10 for a full day pass for all the movies, and includes admission to Museum of the Weird!

To help celebrate all things zombie, Thursday at 2:00pm we gave away free tickets to the upcoming zombie film, The Dead, opening in Austin October 7th!  The passes are for a special midnight screening tonight, October 7th, at the Alamo Drafthouse on West Anderson Lane. While the free tickets are gone, you can still buy tickets to any of the screenings today, which will feature a Q&A with director Howard Ford.

We’ll also be hosting guests galore tonight and tomorrow:

• Meet Doc Ravencraft, Authentic Texas Mojo Man, who consults behind the scenes at the Museum and for The Shadow Hour.   He’ll be hosting the Weird Theatre Midnight Spookshow weekend, featuring an undead smorgasbord of classic zombie-themed flicks, including Night of the Living Dead, Zombie and more!

Aron Houdini, great nephew of the legendary Harry Houdini, will be performing on stage tonight at 9pm.

• The Dead director Howard Ford makes an appearance this Saturday from Noon to 2:30pm.

Greg Lawson, author of the book “Zombie Advocacy” will be signing advance copies on Saturday from 2pm-5pm.

• Plus possible surprise guests from the Paranormal Convention!

Check back here or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more details as they become available!

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