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Here's one situation where it's not such a bad thing to have 'egg on your face'.

Here’s an event we’re sad to say we missed!

The world famous 7th Annual World Egg Throwing Championships in Swaton, Lincolnshire, England, where competitors ran the gamut of egg influenced games, from egg catching to the finale of Russian Roulette with, you guessed it, eggs!

Here's one competitor smashing what he hoped was a hard-boiled egg into his face, as you can see, he wasn't so lucky.

The Huffington Post writes:

Jerry Cullen may come from a part of Great Britain known as Swineshead, but his own noggin is better suited for eggs — literally. Cullen just became the world champion in the little known sport of “Egg Russian Roulette.” It’s game where two competitors pick eggs from a box of six. Five of have been hard boiled, and one is left raw, according to The players smash the eggs against their faces and the first shell to crack loses the game. The “egg-citing” sport is just one of the many “eggs-tra-ordinary” events at the 7th Annual World Egg Throwing Championships which took place this past weekend in Swaton, Lincolnshire, England. Other events include egg throwing events for two-player and 11-player teams and a tossing event using trebuchets, a Medieval weapon similar to a catapult. However, organizer Andy Dunlop has a soft spot in his heart for the hard-boiled sport of Egg Russian Roulette and hopes Cullen’s victory scrambles preconceived notions that it is a joke. “They said there’s no skill involved,” Dunlop told ITN. “We’re here today to prove that there is skill.”


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