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The World’s Hairiest Car

Driving can be dangerous. I’ve had many a brush with death, coming a hair’s breadth from death because of my folly(cle). Not that any of these awful puns have anything to do with the car of 44-year-old Maria Lucia Mugno. Nothing morbid here, just a car COMPLETELY covered inside and out with hair, which must raise a few eyebrows. And it’s not like I mean she drives around everywhere with a bunch of cats. The hairy car was the plan from the beginning.

Apparently committing to this act after a friend bet her she wouldn’t do it (I wonder what THAT conversation was like), Lucia spent 150 hours sewing human hair imported from India to put on her small Fiat. And hey, now she holds a distinction few do: a Guinness World Record for the World’s Hairiest Car. I somehow doubt there was a record holder before she came along. But she drives it around regularly, which I’m sure causes more than few folks to wig out.

Hair extensions aren’t cheap either; the car is estimated at $100,000, in case you’re interested. Lucia keeps it in great shape too, brushing it regularly. Heck, she just added optional wings…

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