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The Most Terrifying Creature Ever “Slender Man” Found in Staffordshire

If you haven’t heard of Slender Man yet, you just enjoyed your last good night’s sleep. Slender Man is an eight foot skinny ghost like creature in a suit. His face is covered in a white sheet, giving him no facial features (until he shows his razor sharp teeth) and a ghost like presence.

In the mythology of Slender Man, when he is stalking you, he hangs back far in the woods until he is noticed. Once noticed, the victim feels an overwhelming feeling of a numb like paralyzation of the mind and body. This state remains until Slenderman eventually catches up to you, pins you down, shows his giant razor sharp teeth, and well, you can probably piece together the rest.

He has been a myth that’s been made into movies, video games, stories, and more, but now, he’s real, and has been spotted in Cannock Chase.

Several sleepless, terrified residents of Cannock Chase have claimed to have seen the long, Jack Skellington like creature creepin’ around their homes.

One resident, Lee (28), who investigated the strange accusations of the sightings, had the following to say:

“One theory is that this has nothing to do with the supernatural and eye-witnesses are experiencing sleep paralysis, where individuals’ eyes are open but they are still in a state of sleep, and therefore unable to move.

“There are reports of Slender Men seemingly pinning victims down, as if sitting on their chest. That could well be down to sleep paralysis.”

“It appeared to rise out of the trees and hover over the path around 100m (328ft) in front of me. It was very dark, but I could see it clearly because of the lights coming from Rugeley.

“It was also a pretty clear night. If I were to compare it to anything, I would say it looked like a stereotypical Victorian gentleman, long, black overcoat with a homburg hat.

“I know this was no flying human because it had blood red eyes that shone in the night sky.

“It also had a mouth full of teeth that seemed to look like razors. Whatever it was, it stopped hovering and descended back into the trees. Needless to say, I did not investigate any further.”

No further investigations have been done, and the Slender Man very much may still be out there in the woods as the residents of Cannock Chase never sleep again.

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