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The Long-Lost Bigfoot Board Game

Anybody looking for a present to get Steve Busti (owner of Museum of the Weird)? Well, here ya go, but you’ll probably have to scour some thrift stores and yard sales for some time to track down a copy.

Milton Bradley put out this 4 player board game in 1977 and sadly, time seems to say it wasn’t a big hit (or we’d all have a dusty copy in our closet next to our “Monopoly”, “Life” and “Sorry” games. Here’s the description on the box and of the gameplay from :

“You and your buddy come to Alaska looking for gold even though the dreadful BigFoot has been sighted in the mountains. Other prospectors and you must avoid crossing paths with the creature or else you must leave the mountains forever.”

The game centers around a model of the BigFoot. 10 plastic disks (5 blank and 5 with the footprint of the Bigfoot) are secretly loaded into the base of the creature. Players start with two tokens of matching color. Each player rolls the dice and must move one of his tokens the full dice count, in either direction. The board features various locations and special action spots. When a player’s token lands on a Bigfoot space, he/she rolls the dice again and moves the creature the full count. If the creature moves over an opponent’s token, a disk is dispensed and if it is a footprint, that player’s token is out of the game. The winner is to be the survivor after Big Foot has removed all other opponents. The game is intended Ages 8 – 14, but it’s fun for adults as well.

Hmm, on second thought, I’m not so sure it would be a good idea to get Steve this. I can see all our employee meetings going on a bit too long when Steve unfolds the board for all of us as a ‘treat’. Perhaps it’s best if we let this one sink into obscurity and legend…

Oh, who am I kidding. Now that Steve’s seen it, nothing can stop him in his quest.

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