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The “Jewish Indiana Jones” is Searching for The Lost Ark.

What if Seinfeld was casted instead of Harrison Ford? What would that version of Indiana Jones be like? Well now you can get a bit of an idea, because there’s a real life, self proclaimed, “Jewish Indiana Jones” searching for the real Lost Ark of the Covenant.

Harry Moskoff is a filmmaker and researcher who has spent the last 25 years of his life searching for the real Lost Ark. In a quote from Breaking Israel News, he has been searching for the exact location of the Ark, where the Jewish Temple once stood. He believes through the many scriptures describing the Ark, this will be where the Ark is located, and believes he is much closer than ever to finding it.

Meet Harry Moskoff

His current theory states through biblical evidence (and based off of the 1982 book, “In the Shadow of the Temple”), that the Ark is located in a secret chamber built directly underneath the Holy of Holies Temple, where King Solomon built the room before the construction of the temple.

Some may believe Moskoff to be a joke (and not a funny Seinfeld joke), but Moskoff is the closest anyone has ever come to finding the Ark, and his theories are backed by many archeologist.

Personally, I would have loved to see what kind of witty banter could have existed between Seinfeld and Shortround, but I’ll stand by until Harry succeeds at finding the Ark.

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