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The Island of Lost Dolls

Ready for a creepy vacation? And this time you don’t have to go to Romania or somewhere crazy far away to visit. Welcome to Isla De Las Munecas, or “The Island of the Dolls”. Located south of Mexico City, this abandoned island is accessible by nothing more than a rowboat, but you might want to plan for a quick escape as well.

Thousands of creepy dolls and doll parts hang from the trees over every part of the small island. Nearby mainlanders claim the dolls move on their own at night. How did these horrible things get here? What kind of crazy person does this? And why?

The answer is, a strange loner in  nearby Xochimilco named Santana Barrera. Locals would see him in the town digging through trash cans and dirty canals. It turns out he was looking for these abandoned dolls. Santana believed that the spirit of a young girl was willing him to collect these dolls and hang them up all over his island to repel evil spirits. He also believed that the dolls were truly ‘alive’ and would at night roam around the island killing animals. Sadly, Santana was found dead from drowning on the island in 2001. You can only imagine the stories that circulate about that. But the dolls still remain, waiting for whoever is brave enough to visit the strange island.

Not me, mind you. but, you know, whoever. Brrrr.

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