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The Giant Hole at the Top of the World

Scientists are confused by the sudden appearance of a giant 80 meter wide hole that has appeared in a remote part of Siberia (you know it’s gotta be remote if it’s the most remote part of Siberia) called Yamal, which means “end of the world”.


Not a good omen.

A scientific crew is preparing to investigate but the reason for the hole’s existence is a mystery. Some experts say that from analyzing the images, scorching is visible around the sides of the hole which indicates ‘severe burning’. Enter the UFO folks, natch. Another expert says global warming is the cause with expanding gases under the surface that mixed with salt and water and BOOM…high school chemistry class on a massive level.

I’m certainly not thinking they’re going to find Atlantis or any other versions of the occasionally resurfacing Hollow Earth theories, but I admit to feeling trepidation as to what they’re going to find down there nonetheless. Where’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you need her?


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