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Did a plane carrying a famed fashion designer vanish into thin air over these islands?

Last month, a plane carrying famous fashion designer Vittorio Missoni mysteriously disappeared in mid-flight. An exhaustive search found no wreckage or debris, and to this day it remains an unsolved mystery.

The region the plane vanished in is known as a dangerous area where other disappearances have occurred.  Referred to as ‘Los Roques Curse,’ it is close to the vicinity of the infamous Bermuda Triangle. It raises new speculation as to the possible supernatural effects over that part of the ocean. Here’s more details on the story as reported by The Huffington Post:

When ships and planes mysteriously vanish — sometimes without a trace — speculation runs wild. Many worry about the conventional — pilot error, kidnapping and terrorism come to mind. And there are those who worry about the supernatural. Acclaimed fashion designer Vittorio Missoni and five others boarded a twin-engine BN-2 Islander aircraft in the Los Roques island chain — pictured below — near Venezuela on Jan. 4. They were headed for Caracas and had only flown about 11 miles when they vanished into thin air.
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