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Thanks giving

While some of you might think that someone who goes by the title of “Authentic Texas Mojo Man” might be squatting in a hut somewhere, shunning any connection with technology and eating anything unlucky enough to crawl within my grasp, the truth is that I’m fairly wired for a wizard.  Technology helps me keep up with others in the world and I benefit from it a lot.  I also make sure that I know where the off switch is for everything!  This week I’m going to be turning off a lot of my technology while I surround myself with the love and company of family and friends in the traditional Thanksgiving holiday as celebrated in the United States.

However, as I prepare, I thought it was fun to see the Google search trends moving from the typical sports, politics, murder and other things that pass for news nowadays to people searching for green bean casserole and pecan pie recipes.  That gives me hope for the humans and starts me thinking about what makes this time a special and sacred one.

There is a profound power in the giving of thanks.  It seems like such a trivial thing, but it is the completion of the cycle of wishing.  First you decide what you want.  Then you visualize it clearly and send that idea out into the Universe.  Next you do the work and put the resources that you can into making things come true… while you accept what the Universe has to offer to bring your wish.  Finally, you acknowledge what you received and you give thanks!  If you leave out that last step then you aren’t done.

Why?  Why is it important to give thanks?  It seems to me that anyone who would ask that question is looking for a loophole, and I’m tempted to just let them discover for themselves.  I won’t worry about them, though and I’ll give my answer to you.  It’s simple energy.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  When you make the wish and the wish is granted that leaves the ball in your court so to speak.  If you don’t lob it back by giving thanks then the game is over.  When you do give thanks it takes some of that energy that you received and puts it back into play, available for you and for everyone who needs it.

You may not believe that.  That’s OK.  It doesn’t really matter if you believe it or not.  It still works.  Think abut the last time that you gave profound thanks for something, expressed true gratitude.  Do you remember the way that felt, that wash of goodness?  Do you remember the joy that you felt in others as you thanked them?  All of that is real.  That is energy moving around and it makes a difference.  If you’ve gotten out of the habit of showing gratitude for what you receive then you’ve just forgotten what all of this feels like and you need to get back into the game.

There will be a lot of people who will sit around the table with family and friends and they will bitch about everything.  They’ll bring up old family squabbles and pick, pick, pick on each other.  They’ll complain about problems with work, with the car, with everything.  It will throw a huge grey cloud over everything that not even grandma’s homemade pie can overcome.  Don’t you do that!

Think of everything, anything, that you have.  If you’ve gotten caught up in everyone’s misery game you may have to work for it, but I promise you that there is something to be grateful for.  (I’ll give you a hint.  You have life. That’s a start.)  Once things come to mind they will likely lead to others and you will realize that you have a greater abundance than you imagined.  If not, then you’re just out of practice.  If there are people at hand who you feel deserve some of this gratitude, then thank them directly.  You’ll light them up.  If not, then just thank God, or the Universe or whatever you can envision.  Think about how what you have has made a difference to you and let that good feeling flow out of you.  Feels good, doesn’t it?

You may even find that if you take an attitude of genuine gratitude that you’ll infect the others and they will feel the joy of gratitude as well.  You may even find that the conversation turns to good memories and people let the cares and concerns go for just a little while.

Let the mojo flow, my friends.

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