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Texas Chupacabras Mystery Solved?

UPDATE: The creature shot and killed in Medina County last week has been positively identified by a veterinarian as a coyote with a severe case of mange.

This is not the first time a mangy coyote was misidentified as a chupacabras. Remember the Cuero Chupacabras of 2007? It was identified through DNA testing to be a virtually identical match to a coyote.

Then there was the “Elmendorf Beast” of 2004, and last year’s chupacabras caught on a Texas patrolman’s dashboard camera, both bearing a striking resemblance to mangy coyotes. So the real mystery may not be so much what the identity of these so-called “chupacabras” are, but rather why are so many Texas coyotes coming down such severe cases of mange?

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