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Shown here is real "meat", actually growing in a lab!

Our world grows more artificial by the second, especially when scientists are racing to come up with solutions to some serious problems we’ll be facing in our future.

One of those problems being the shortage of food to come as our population grows exponentially larger and more crowded. If these scientists, currently working on creating artificial meat in test tubes, are successful, hopefully hunger won’t be such a big problem for the world as it today with thousands dying daily due to starvation.

What these researchers are hoping to do is eventually create a factory-like setting to mass produce the “burgers” and distribute them to the world after they get the first one official, which would be no earlier than October of this year.

The Telegraph writes:

By generating strips of meat from stem cells researchers believe they can create a product that is identical to a real burger.

The process of culturing the artificial meat in the lab is so laborious that the finished product, expected to arrive in eight months’ time, will cost about £220,000 (EUR250,000).

But researchers expect that after producing their first patty they will be able to scale up the process to create affordable artificial meat products.

Mass-producing beef, pork, chicken and lamb in the lab could satisfy the growing global demand for meat – forecast to double within the next 40 years – and dramatically reduce the harm that farming does to the environment.


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