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Terror Tuesday at the Alamo = Free +1 at Museum of the Weird

Tuesday is the day that the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz on 6th street features their curated “Terror Tuesday”. At 9:45 pm they show some of their favorite horror films, accompanied by weekly drink and food specials. And you can get a two-fer if you show up early! Give yourself an extra hour before the show starts, pick up your ticket, bring it and a friend into the Museum of the Weird, just down the block, show our staff your ticket, and if you buy admission to the museum, your friend gets in with you for free!

RARE ARCHIVAL 35MM SCREENING for only three bucks! Sponsored by VULCAN VIDEO!!

Michael Myers is back. AND HE IS FILLED WITH RAGE! In the grand tradition of Universal’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, HALLOWEEN II picks up immediately where its predecessor left off. After a climactic battle with Dr. Loomis/Donald Pleasance (“I shot him SIX TIMES!!”), Michael terrorizes a hospital where Laurie Strode/Jamie Lee Curtis is recovering. But this time, The Shape doesn’t mess around with off-screen violence and post-kill introspection. The suggestive horror of HALLOWEEN is swapped out for the chaotic destruction of FRIDAY THE 13TH, as Michael Myers becomes a ferocious rage-beast who is out to destroy!! Hammers-to-heads! Syringes-to-eyes! Boiling-water-to-faces! Combining the small-town paranoia of THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN with the uneasy darkness of THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, HALLOWEEN II is a masterful, beautifully made early-80s slasher that thrives on tension and shocks. This includes the scene where Michael Myers walks through a door instead of opening it. (Joseph A. Ziemba)

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