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Strange things afoot at the Museum…

I know that you’ve come to think of me as a fountain of wisdom, but today I’m going to be crassly commercial.

It’s Friday, and that means that I’ll be presenting at the Museum as a special attraction.  What does that mean?  It means for only $5 extra you get to go beyond the back door of the Museum, into the courtyard, up the stairs and into the new Inner Sanctum Theatre.  It’s the only way that you’ll get to see the incredible life-size King Kong (and take your picture with him).  Once there, you’ll also get to spend some special time with yours truly for an excursion into the weird.

What awaits you?  I’ll bring out some of the strange artifacts from the Museum and my own collection and share their bizarre stories.  (Be prepared.  These things sometimes like to show off a little when they get some attention and it’s very likely that something weird will happen.)  You’ll experience psychic phenomena, due to the strong qualities of the Museum’s location.  (I believe it’s a combination of ley line placement and it’s central location to so much haunted activity in Austin.  Whatever the reading, it’s  a great place to perform psychic experiments so we may have a chance to read each others minds!)  We’ll also see if the Museum’s resident ghost is in the mood to communicate.

What an incredible deal for the price of an adult beverage (if you have good taste).  I’ll open the doors tonight at 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00.

I’ve also confirmed that we will be holding séance presentations over Halloween weekend for a lucky few.  There will be two sessions per night at 7:00 and 9:00 PM and tickets will be $25.  Seating is extremely limted, with only 10 people per session.  I will demonstrate for you the methods used by old school ghost hunters in your great, great grandparent’s day.  We’ll try to connect with the Museum’s ghost and some of the others who are in the area.  Everyone will have the chance to have a question answered by the spirits.  If you are a fan of the paranormal this is a unique opportunity to experience the spirit world.  This close to Halloween I expect the veil to be quite thin.  We should get good results.  All seats must be reserved in advance.  Do it now!  Contact the Museum by phone at (512) 476-5493 or email


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