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According to reports, the creature, which was to undergo a full forensic investigation by Namibian authorities after its capture, was spotted by locals as they were escorting a hunting party through the jungle. The “alien” was foraging for food, but when spotted, turned and fled. The hunting party and their escorts took chase and followed the creature back to its lair where it turned on them and attacked in an attempt to defend itself. The creature was shot and killed, but not before the hunting party spied three additional “animals” fleeing into the undergrowth.

Of course “theories” about the creature’s origin flooded weird-news websites quickly following, including a possible relationship to a Mayan god legend. The most reasonable explanation presented so far has been that of genetic deformities unfortunately caused by incessant, long-term inbreeding. Think back to Season 4, Episode 2 of The X-Files, entitled “Home.” The consequences of close inbreeding over the span of several generations can result in severe birth defects and other grotesque anomalies. Another theory is that it is a new species of pigmy, which has, until now, avoided our detection.

Nearly a year later we are still waiting for the results from the forensic autopsy done on this creature, leaving us to believe it was all simply a hoax. However, nothing online has turned up concrete evidence of fact or fiction. Perhaps one day we will know the truth? In the meantime, be careful on those hunting parties when you’re trekking through the jungle…

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