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Heard of “Lizard Man” yet? If not, that may soon change. Because the new mystery creature is stalking car fenders in rural South Carolina in the dead of night. That’s a diet Bigfoot never went for in his pursuit of wild berries and always making sure he was just out of camera range. There’s nothing like eating the clunker in the front yard for pushing you up to the top of the Cryptid sighting list.

According to local channel 19 in Lee County, SC, the legendary lizard creature made a return after a 23-year hiatus, and he’s up to his old tricks.

Witnesses on a rural road in the county are saying they heard a strange noise on the morning of July 4th and went outside to investigate.

That’s when they discovered the front bumper of their car had been chewed and clawed in a way no normal creature of the woods could manage. Police veterans realized they’d heard this story before.

“This part here is how it all started in 1988,” explained former Lee County Sheriff Liston Truesdale. “We got a call to come and look at something that had mauled a car. I went out there and looked at that damaged car, and I haven’t seen anything like that before.”

Then reports of a lizard-like creature in the area started coming in. Only this terrifying animal was 7-feet tall, with red eyes and three claw-like fingers on each hand. With an appetite for chrome… just like the old days.

So the hunt is on, pushing Bigfoot off the front pages. But he hasn’t been seen in a while anyway.

Maybe Lizard man ate his car?

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