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Sounds in the sky

People around the world are reporting a strange trumpeting sound that seems to come from the sky. It’s a massive droning unlike any aircraft we’ve ever heard before.

Listen to the sounds in this video from Texas.

Another video from Germany is very similar, though less distinct.

There is speculation that we are hearing the mysterious HAARP project, a radio-wave device that some claim is used for weather control. Officials deny that HAARP has any affect on the weather, though there is a patent, number 4686605,  which appears to describe exactly such a theory. HAARP was supposedly set to be dismantled in 2014, but page 92 of this US Navy budget request shows continued funding.

Other theories about these sounds are:

  1. Experimental or extraterrestrial aircraft that may be cloaked in some way so they can’t be seen

  2. Sounds created by nature

  3. A sign from God of impending apocalypse

Have you ever experienced sounds like these? Do you think they’re natural phenomena? Share your thoughts and stories.

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