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There’s not much of a scarier situation that unexpectedly running into a snake. Well, how about when one comes at you while you’re flying down the road at 175mph?!

A biker in Brazil was out for a ride with some of his buddies on a highway, having a good ol’ time playing around and enjoying the sun, when all of a sudden, SNAKE!

Apparently, just before taking his bike out, a sneaky snake crawled into the chassis of the motorcycle and decided it wasn’t gonna come out until the most absolutely disastrous time for this Brazillian rider.

Luckily he kept his wits about him and slowed the 2-wheeled vehicle down to a stop on the shoulder of the road to show the snake to his friends. I, on the other hand, would have most likely freaked out, closed my eyes and let go of the handlebars to fall off and go tumbling down the road at 175mph on a very busy 2 lane highway, which is much more preferable than snake-death.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the video has been taken down for the time being. We’ll have it up as soon as it’s back!

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