Sharks, with lasers? I sure hope not!

You’re always told not to believe what you hear, only what you see but, what if both are equally as absurd as the other?

That’s what happened when folks in the Bahamas saw a “shark in the water with a real-life laser attached to it’s body”, spread the word, watched it go viral and then got back the ensuing “Yeah, right!” from the world.

Well, unfortunately for us all, they were right!

The Herald Sun writes:

SHARKS with frickin’ lasers on their heads? Oh god, it’s real.
News just in confirms that last weekend, a shark in the Bahamas was seen with a frickin’ laser attached. The shark was a ferocious lemon shark (Negaprion brevirostris), measuring more than two metres in length. The laser was, well, a little disappointing to be honest – a “low end of potential energy output” model from George Lucas-bothering laser manufacturers Wicked Lasers. BUT IT WAS ATTACHED TO A SHARK NONETHELESS, proving it could be done. The frightening experiment was conducted by Wicked Lasers after it posted a Facebook statement last week saying if 2000 people Like their post by May 27, they’ll attach a real laser to a real shark. That was Friday. By Monday, the laser was searing parts of the Bahamas sea floor and blinding clownfish.


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