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A team of scientists will use DNA testing to investigate the remains claimed to be from a yeti, or bigfoot.

Hopefully, some exciting news is heading our way from a set of UK and Swiss scientists that plan on doing some serious testing of as much ‘evidence’ of the bigfoot, or yeti, as they possibly can.

They’re even asking for anyone to submit anything they think might be helpful! So, if you didn’t know what to do with all those bigfoot parts you have laying around, send ’em on in!

BBC News writes:

A UK-Swiss team will use DNA testing to investigate the origins of remains claimed to be from yeti and bigfoot. The project will examine hair, bone and other material from a collection amassed by a Swiss biologist – and will invite submissions from elsewhere. Many cultures relate legends of hairy, humanoid creatures that lurk in the wilds, rarely seen. But material claimed to be from such creatures have never been subjected to modern scientific techniques. “It’s an area that any serious academic ventures into with a deal of trepidation… It’s full of eccentric and downright misleading reports,” said Prof Bryan Sykes, from Oxford University. The researchers will apply a systematic approach and employ the latest advances in genetic testing, aiming to publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


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