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Say Hello to the Gigantic Sea Creature, The Ninjen

Say hello to the latest creature on the block in the Cryptid community: The Japanese sea creature called, The Ningen.

First spotted in the 1990s by fishermen who initially thought they had discovered a foreign submarine, the Ninjen was described as 60-90 feet in length and as a “blubbery whale-like creature” only with human-like arms, legs (or sometimes a tail instead) and facial features (only eyes and a mouth). They’ve been spotted in the Antarctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans and are invariably described as being huge and very white and always out at night…because any cryptid worth its salt (water) wouldn’t be caught dead out at noon.

Various stories circulated about the monster but it wasn’t until 2007 when a Japanese magazine called “Mu” published a story about it, that suddenly the world was flooded with sightings, photos, and even a grainy video. Immediately stories began of cover-ups by the Japanese government and even MIB-like folks who warn off those who claim to have seen the Ninjen about telling others their stories. Taking over the web in Japan, much like the (entirely fictional) Slender Man has been over here in the states lately, theories abound from them being alien life to ancient sea gods. I’m just glad to have a new beastie on the block. Time to update the Monster Manual.

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