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Real Life Robocop in the Works

With Detroit looking almost exactly like the original Robocop predicted, and the lack of an available police force on top of it, it seems more fitting now than ever for Robocop to be real. At least that’s what the researchers at Florida International University seem to think, as they are in the works of developing a, “real life Robocop.”

The robot, nicknamed “TeleBot” (missed opportunity to call it some form of Robocop, if you ask me), is a humanoid, human sized robot that can be controlled remotely through a hyper advanced telepresence system that allows the pilot to see what the robot sees and operate the robot like a suit, similar to the theoretical technology used in Gundam Wing.

This is a passion project of a bunch of undergrads with a shoestring budget. This has proven to be the most impressive aspect of the project, and with the robot weighing in at 75 pounds and 6ft tall, their plan to take over the police force with humanoid robots seems to be well underway.

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