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No, it’s not the concept of a bad B-movie. The folks over at have spied what looks to be Pareidolia rats. In one of the many images captured by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity it appears that a large rodent of some sort is scampering across the Red Planet’s surface. Considering Mars has an extremely thin atmosphere unable to support life, the existence of R.O.U.S’es darting around around the craters and extinct volcanoes seems a little more than far fetched.

However, there are several conspiracy theory camps that believe we are being fed incorrect, color-altered images of Mars that do not reflect the supposed vast forests and oceans there. If this were case, though, I think Curiosity would be catching more than rats in its sites. As with the previous post from yesterday with the Misfits-tagged rocks being a “fossilized creature”, me thinks this too is just an optical illusion. To paraphrase Freud: Sometimes a rock, is just a rock. But I could be wrong—it’s been known to happen on occasion.

What do you see in the image below?

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