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The "Spirit" bear aka the Kermode bear, or just plain "the white bear", lives in the forests of British Columbia amongst it's black bear bretheren.

A magnificent and extremely rare animal has finally been spotted and captured on film by wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen in Canada.

Although it looks like a polar bear has gotten loose from a local zoo and has wandered off into the woods, this beautiful white bear is there on purpose, courtesy of mother nature!

With only 200 of these guys running around in the wild, a sighting is extremely rare, and taking photographs of the “Spirit”  bear is even rarer.

The uber-rare white bear dealing with it's common brother invading his territory, the black bear.

One man has the patience enough to have made these pictures possible, Paul Nicklen waited and wandered the deep and dense forests of British Columbia, Canada all for the chance of getting a glimpse of, and photographing what he’s dreamt of since he was a child, and for that we must thank him.

So, thank you Paul Nicklen!

The Daily Mail writes:

You could be forgiven for thinking it was a polar bear that had wandered off the ice and somehow found itself in a forest.  But this golden, almost white, beautifully unique creature is in fact a white variant of the North American black bear known as the spirit bear. The animal, also known as the Kermode bear, lives among more conventional-looking black bears in the dense green forests of British Columbia in Canada.Once thought to be a myth, these legendary creatures are now so precious to the people of British Columbia, the Government has made it an offence to shoot one – with a fine of up to $100,000 CAD. Wildlife photographers now travel from across the globe for the chance to capture the white bear on camera, which are virtually impossible to photograph, due to their scarcity. But one lucky photographer who captured this series of images of the spirit bear in it’s natural habitat is Paul Nicklen. The 43-year-old from Vancouver, Canada, said: ‘This little bear is amazing its pure white, it’s not a polar bear and there are only 200 left in the world – it’s more rare than a panda.


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