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What are the chances this celebrity psychic is telling the truth?

65 year old, Uri Geller claims that his very own property, the island Firth of Forth, is a real life UFO hotspot with ‘strange lights’ reported flying around over the island by many locals.

News source writes:

CELEBRITY psychic Uri Geller is hoping to prove that his private island in the Firth of Forth is a UFO hotspot. The 65-year-old surprised many people three years ago when he bought Lamb Island because he believed it had a connection with the Egyptian pyramids. He said that since then he has been contacted by members of the public who have reported seeing “strange lights” in the skies above his uninhabited rock. Geller is now hoping that cameras set up by the Scottish Seabird Centre on Lamb Island to record wildlife can also be used to look for the UFOs. “I have received a lot of e-mails from local people telling me about strange lights above the area,” he said. “There definitely appears to be something strange and mysterious going on there. “Locals have told me they have seen strange objects moving above it. I can’t believe it would be an aircraft or a balloon and they have assured me it is not either of those. “I know some people don’t believe in UFOs, but there’s many people who don’t believe in my mental powers either.”
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